A career with Waagner-Biro delivers chances and challenges alike. Working in an internationally renowned company is not only exciting, it also represents enrichment in personal and professional development.


Waagner-Biro offers its motivated, dedicated employees interesting, versatile projects in an international environment. At our company, this means participating in a dedicated team working toward sustainable entrepreneurial development. The foundation for Waagner-Biro’s outstanding productivity is its employees, who demonstrate a high degree of service, openness and a will to develop themselves further. Continuous training is not only offered, it’s expected.


Our corporation is growing strong with the aim of further enhancing our technological leadership in the fields of bridge construction and stage technology.


We are looking to strengthen our team with the recruitment of dedicated, dynamic employees with solid education and training as well as the will to move something extraordinary at an international company.


If would like to become part of the Waagner-Biro success story, then we look forward to receiving your application!

Together everything is conceivable.

Together everything is conceivable - nothing is impossible. We promote a positive attitude, courage and out of the box thinking; through this, we can reach shared goals that let us be proud of being a part of the success story of Waagner-Biro.


We cooperate.

Everything is easier together. It is important for us to work in an inter-divisional and multidisciplinary manner so that synergies can be recognized and used. Constructive cooperation through regular exchange is not just desired, but rather also demanded.


We find solutions.

Challenges of any type during the implementation of projects in international plant engineering are on our daily schedule. Every challenge becomes a chance and the project turns into a success only with a distinct, solution-oriented attitude.

We communicate.

Through cross-functional communication and international exchange, we continually expand our know-how and have fun at work. Whether in meetings or in cooperation with external partners - the contact and cooperation are lived beyond department and division boundaries.



We deliver.

The competence of Waagner-Biro does not end with the construction and planning, but rather is also seen in the implementation of constructions and plants throughout the entire world. From the planning to the execution and project completion, we place value on the reliability and punctuality of our business partners.


We are tough in business and respectful with people.

We stand for exciting, unique and technically complex projects. This requires clear objectives, compliance with processes and high commitment. In order to support our employees in their capabilities, in the management we pay attention to respectful contact with each other, an open culture and appreciative togetherness.