Digital bridge builder: Waagner-Biro supports a reconstruction in Mosul with Austrian Know-How

The fourth crossing bridge of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul comes to life again: this is made possible by Waagner-Biro's modular bridge system (panel bridges). The on-site refurbishment was supported via the Internet: For questions regarding the installation of the modular steel structure, a technical team from Waagner-Biro in Vienna was always available as a support center. "Waagner-Biro also offers its unique know-how in crisis areas. This underscores our position as a global bridge builder, "says Thomas Jost, CEO of Waagner-Biro AG. With the opening of the bridge at the end of January 2018, the first necessary lifeline can once again be crossed. In the Battle of Mosul (2016/2017) all five crossings over the Tigris River had been destroyed.


The temporary sheet steel bridge is a 4-piece bridge with individual spans of 43 m each. The span on the right bank of the river also serves as a ramp to compensate for the height difference of 3.6m between the old abutment and the remaining parts of the reinforced concrete bridge. With the supplied starting device, the panel bridge was put into operation via the three locally manufactured steel pillars.


Waagner-Biro's modular bridge system impresses u.a. with very light individual elements, the high carrying capacity due to high-strength steels and a system height of 2.15m as well as easy adaptation to different spans and road widths. Further advantages include the short construction time and the rapid training of the construction staff on site. Panel bridges are mostly used as emergency bridges (in crisis and disaster areas), construction rope bridges, military or pioneer bridges.