Waagner-Biro equips state-of-the-art event hall in Wiesbaden

The unique architecture and the flexible room concept offer perfect conditions for events up to 12,500 people. Waagner-Biro supplied an automatic telescopic seating system with 3,000 seats, a 10 x 5 meter truck-accessible stage platform, hoists, as well as mobile, demountable pedestal and stairway systems.

The automatic telescopic tribune consists of three blocks with a width of 39 meters; the 2,924 seats are deployed over a distance of 48 meters. The height of each tribune block is 8.0 m, when retracted, the depth is 3.6 m. Although the step rise is only 160 mm, comfortable, fully upholstered seats are integrated. Air cushions are used to move the three 100-ton blocks to the storage area on the back of the hall.

Waagner-Biro was also involved in the emergency evacuation design and delivered large, demountable pedestal systems with associated staircases to allow rapid evacuation. These stepped platforms have been designed to be easy to disassemble for storage, but can withstand loads of 750 kg / m² when erected. In addition, the platforms can be used at fairs or other events without a grandstand to connect the conference rooms at the level + 4,4m with the hall (level 0).

For smaller events, such as concerts, the seating can also be partially deployed. In this configuration with 2,200 seats, the last eight (8) rows stay retracted. In order to still be able to use the escape route on the back, a special staircase is installed to bridge the unused rear rows. The operation of the grandstands and the additional stage technology are integrated into the Waagner-Biro CAT control system.

The new building of the RMCC has already been awarded the highest seal of approval by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB): the DGNB certificate in platinum. Waagner-Biro also had to fulfill all the criteria for sustainable construction in its deliveries, for example in the selection of the materials used.

Customers demand more and more flexibility from a venue. Based on many years of experience, Waagner-Biro offers various solutions tailored to customer needs.