Bridge in Algeria wins Solid Prize for Innovation

(©) Waagner-Biro The team of Waagner-Biro responsible for the bridge in Algeria

A well-known jury of experts under the guidance of Professor Fink, Director of the Technical University Institute in Vienna recognised Waagner-Biro for its innovative ideas dedicated to foreign markets and awarded Waagner-Biro Bridge Systems AG the 2012 SOLID structural engineering prize for innovation.
The determining factor for the award was predominantly the extremely efficient implementation time for putting the bridge equipment into execution. The planning, production of special parts and delivery were achieved within several weeks. The three panel bridges were subsequently completed in a timely manner under the supervision of Waagner-Biro assembly monitors.
The innovative idea of creating a supporting framework which is able to support a vehicle weight of 512 t across the length of the more than 67 meter long bridge on the basis of a the base element of the panel bridge, namely a “panel“ with a height of 2.15 m and a length of 3 m, equally earned tribute and recognition. With these characteristics, the bridge is the first and largest of its kind in the world.
The outstanding teamwork within the group of engineers and project members as well as the tireless dedication of the assembly monitors helped achieve the successful realisation of this project to everybody’s satisfaction in spite of the time constraints and the adverse assembly conditions.