European Steel Bridge Awards 2016

Category "Special Engineering Award"

The new Botlek lift bridge in the port of Rotterdam, submitted by Waagner-Biro Bridge Systems AG and VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH, received this award for the highest degree of engineering.

The Botlek bridge is a construction with extraordinary engineering performances in the areas of structure planning, mechanical engineering and control. These services provided by Austrian companies allow for significant improvements in the regional traffic situation in the area of road, rail and ship traffic.

With a total length of 2 x 93.4 m and a bridge width of 49 m, the Botlekbrücke is the largest lift bridge in the world. It is the lift bridge with the highest lift weight in the world (5300 t), the highest lift frequency (9000 openings / year) and the highest lift speed for large lift bridges (43.5 cm/s). Particularly in regards to energy supply and control, a lot of value was placed on the highest possible availability and redundancy.

It was opened to traffic starting on July 12, 2015. The bridge was designed for simultaneous usage by pedestrians, cyclists, local traffic, highways and railroads. Particularly the usage by railroad traffic combined with the large bridge width causes high requirements for the precision and interaction between the different trades with a simultaneous minimization of the support structure weight. The enormous project size, required technical innovations and the great time pressure increased the complexity and posed special requirements for the cooperation and interface management. The extremely demanding manufacturing and assembly processes created specifically for this project are remarkable.

This concept is a convincing solution for this very complex situation and therefore caused the ECCS jury to give this project the Special Engineering Award 2016. )


End customer:                    Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment)

General contractor:            A-Lanes A15

Architect:                          Quist Wintermans Architekten bv

General planner:                VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH

Steel construction:             Eiffel Deutschland Stahltechnologie

Mechanical engineering
and electrical systems:      Waagner-Biro Bridge Systems AG


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