Orders completed in England with a volume of around 10 Million Euro.

As a specialist for innovative steel and glass constructions, the Austrian steel construction company recently completed two successful projects in England: At the Blavatnik School of Business in Oxford, Waagner-Biro erected a fully-glazed double façade with a volume of 7.6 million Euro. And a steel and glass roof was constructed for the historical kitchen garden of the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre in Oxford, with an order volume of 3.7 million Euro. “The implementation of unusual, forward-looking designs made from steel and glass is part of everyday business for Waagner-Biro. We see such commissions as an incentive to follow new paths in building construction,” says Thomas Jost, Managing Director of Waagner-Biro.


The highlight of the building of the Blavatnik School of Business is the so-called “Window on the World, an opening with a diameter of 11.5 metres, which is glazed only with one single pane of glass. A technical and logistical masterpiece, for which Waagner-Biro is world-renowned. The scope of service also included the precast concrete components of the ceiling level in the double facade, which follow the radius of the circular volume. In keeping with the modern energy concept, the façade was equipped with an automated fresh air supply and sunshade control. The start of the order for the 5,167 square metres was in September 2013; operations began punctually in the new building of the Blavatnik School of Business on 30 November 2015. The building was designed by the renowned Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, who are among the most influential planners in the world.


In the Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, the historical kitchen garden, which surrounds the Crick Auditorium, was transformed into a roofed meeting place, after the design of the London architects Abell Nepp. The auditorium stands in an elliptical roof space, whose different gradations and radiuses presented an additional challenge for the steel construction and its glazing. Waagner-Biro commenced work on the construction of the 1,564 square metre roof in October 2010 and completed the project in April 2015. The Wellcome Trust Conference Centre belongs to the foundation of the same name, which is dedicated to improving health.