Volkstheater Vienna Restoration - Waagner-Biro will be delivering entire stage machinery

After nearly 40 years of continuous operation and reliable functionality, the stage machinery will be completely renewed in the course of the restoration of the Volkstheater:

The existing stage machinery will be dismantled and the stage machinery components will be modernized, with particular attention being paid to the preservation of the landmarked interiors and the auditorium. The steel construction substructure will be reinforced to allow the absorption of higher loads. The entire flyloft grid and the pulley level structure are to be renewed, as well as the work and lighting galleries.

The new upper machinery comprises 34 fly bar hoists for stage and rear stage, 3 lighting hoists, 1 main curtain, 1 veil curtain, 8 point hoists, 2 panorama hoists, 1 cyclorama as well as the adaptation of the existing proscenium hoist and the 6 existing point hoists.

In the lower machinery, the revolving stage and the orchestra podium will be modernized, the two trap lifts in the revolving stage as well as the iron curtain will be renewed and a new delivery platform installed. This provides additional flexibility in transportation of scenery and decorations.

The centerpiece of the stage technology system is the latest generation of the CAT V5 control system – the most up-to-date stage control available on the market. It is characterized by maximum safety, powerful functions, high availability and an impressive operating concept. The intuitive user interface is comparable to modern smartphones. All electromechanical systems can be comfortably and safely operated from the main console as well as from the mobile consoles.

As a worldwide specialist for stage technology, Waagner-Biro Stage Systems has in-depth experience in renovations of listed buildings. This has recently been demonstrated, for example, at the State Opera "Unter den Linden" project in Berlin and the Joan Sutherland Theater of the Sydney Opera.

More information about the Volkstheater restoration project can be found on http://www.volkstheater.at/magazin/eine-wunschliste-fuer-das-theater/.