Waagner-Biro: 19 Panel Bridges for Chile

Since 2013, Waagner-Biro has received orders for the supply of 19 modular steel bridges with spans of 27 meters to 92 meters in Chilean Patagonia. It was decisive for the commissioning that the bridges were built quickly, had a high design load and at the same time could withstand difficult climatic conditions. At the beginning of March, the Austrian steel company based in Vienna installed the last panel bridge in Chile. "With our on-site engineering team, we ensure that our bridges around the world meet the same high standard and quality requirements," says Thomas Jost, CEO of Waagner-Biro AG. Due to extreme weather conditions and long winters, bridge construction had to be finished during the Chilean summer. Since the individual bridge elements near Vienna were produced in storage, Waagner-Biro was able to keep the tightly timed schedule without any problems. The bridges were erected by the Chilean forces on important traffic routes to the east and west of the Carretera Austral road, which stretches over 1,240 km through the Patagonia countryside. The first bridge was built over a rocky gorge on the Tranquilo River, where it replaced an old suspension bridge. The construction of the new 45.72 meter long single-lane bridge took about a week. Instead of hitherto five tonnes, the new panel bridge now carries vehicles weighing up to 40 tonnes. Not far from the first location is Borquez Bridge, the longest of the delivered bridges. It consists of two bridge parts with a total length of 92 meters connected by a link. With such individual bridge parts, several bridge elements can be simply and effectively connected to each other and pushed over the riverbed via prefabricated pylons that carry the weight of the bridge and the traffic load.