Waagner-Biro renews Stage Technology for Opera House, Theater and Concert Hall in Armenia

On behalf of the Armenian Ministry of Culture, Waagner-Biro has completely renovated the stage technique of the Armenian National Academy of Opera and Ballet "Alexander Spendiaryan", the Philharmonic Concert Hall "Khachaturyan" and the Academic Theater of Yerevan "Gabriel Sundukyan". Recently, the final works have been successfully completed. "Through the comprehensive modernization of the cultural buildings in the capital of Armenia, high quality standards and tailor-made solutions are now found in the premises," says Thomas Jost, CEO of Waagner-Biro AG.


The stage technology of the Armenian National Academy was completely renewed in 2013 by Waagner-Biro. The architect Alexander Tamanjan has designed the landmark of the country and implemented the idea of combining the auditoriums of the National Academy and the Concert into a uniform circular building. In 2016 the stage work at the Philharmonic Concert Hall was also completed. The order for Waagner-Biro in both event rooms included the rehabilitation of the upper machinery with electromechanical winches, panorama and point trains, as well as the under machinery with main podiums, transport podiums and orchestral podiums. The delivery also included various equipment for the modernization of the auditorium as well as the orchestra.


The modernization of the academic theater "Gabriel Sundukyan", the oldest theater in Armenia, took place at the same time as the work on the concert hall. Waagner-Biro was responsible for the complete reconstruction of the upper and under machinery as well as the Iron Curtain. In addition, parts of the stage floor was renewed and the upper machinery equipped with 47 broadsides, two side stage trains, three point trains, seven lighting installations and two curtain trains in the Proscenium. A state-of-the-art CAT V4 computer system takes over the control of the entire stage technology of the theater.