Many of our specialist bridge projects spanned waterways. Their construction, therefore, involved extensive marine engineering capabilities. As a contractor that keeps all expertise and experience in-house, Waagner Biro Gulf LLC moved into the marine engineering field in a serious and
professional way in order to facilitate such projects. We invested in experts, training, technology and equipment.


The demand for know-how and experience in this sector became apparent. In 1997, the marine and coastal engineering division of Waagner Biro Gulf was created.


We cover almost every field of marine engineering, including the design, manufacture, construction and installation of harbours, marinas and berthing facilities, as well as piling. We are experts in the development, improvement and protection of beaches and coastlines. And we fabricate barges and


The marine and coastal engineering division stands for precision and competence paired with flexibility and reliability. It is these qualities that have seen us build long-term relationships with customers such as Dubai Government Authorities, with whom we have worked continually for many years. We undertake the full scope of marine engineering solutions for our valued clients from maintaining Dubai’s pristine beaches to wharfage projects and floating water transport stations that have changed the shape of Dubai Creek and its coastline.


Waagner Biro Gulf LLC takes responsibility for the whole process. With a dedicated design team, marine engineers, a fabrication yard and workshop and a construction company all under one roof means better communication and project management. In turn, this creates time and cost savings for our clients.


We draw upon our knowledge and experience to provide value engineering solutions that still meet clients’ requirements. Plus, as a medium-sized company, Waagner Biro Gulf is unique in the region in being able to react to jobs of all sizes.