Stage Machinery

Lifting platforms

Lifting platforms make it possible to move the stage floor in vertical direction both up and down. They are used for changing the stage floor or for moving parts of the stage set to another position.

Our delivery programme includes various types of lifting platforms as single or double deck platforms with integrated stage elevators or inclinable covers.

Depending on the required dimension, load capacity and lifting speed, different drive systems that are adapted to the specific case of need are used.


We also develop all types of special solutions depending on the customer’s requirements.

Rack and spindle drive

Rack and spindle drives are classic stage machinery drives which are used at low lifting speeds of up to approx. 0.05 m/sec.


Main applications are compensators, orchestra platforms or stage platforms and transport platforms that are not used during performances.


Depending on the building the spindles or racks may require well shafts which have to be provided by the client.



- low cost

Rope winch drive

Combined with modern sensor and control technology, rope winch drives have once again become a drive system much in demand for lifting platforms.

The newest technologies are able to compensate deviations of platforms caused by rope elongations or unequal loads.


Independent drives on each side or corner of the platform allow for using this drive system also when available space is limited.



- silent

- rapid

- little space required

- compensation of rope elongations with different loads

Stage trap elevators

Stage trap elevators are either mobile units or fixed stage lifts, so-called stage elevators.

Fixed stage lifts are installed in the rigid understage steel structure or more often in double deck stage platforms.

Our modern mobile trap elevators can be used individually or as combined units with double the area. Additional elevator bridges can be used to further enlarge the area.

Electromechanically driven stage traps and stage sliders complete our scope of supply.

Stage wagons

Stage wagons make it possible to displace the stage floor in horizontal direction. The sceneries set up on the stage wagons can be rapidly moved from the side stages or from backstage, and in combination with the lifting platforms also from the understage, to the main stage. Stage wagons may also be equipped with turntables. We also develop special constructions with dividable revolve wagons according to the customer’s requirements.

The most varied drive systems are available for stage wagons. According to the type of drive system we distinguish active and passive stage wagons.


Active stage wagons

With active stage wagons the drives are installed in the stage wagons supplied with energy by cables on spring or motor-driven cable reels or by incorporated batteries. Available drive systems are lantern gear drive or friction wheel drives.


Passive stage wagons

With passive stage wagons the drive units are installed in the stage floor and move the wagon in horizontal direction. Available drive systems are push-pull chain drives or the “free pinion drive” developed by us. In combination with self-adjusting running wheel units, with this drive system the stage wagons can be moved in two directions.

Revolving stages

Revolving stages are used especially in drama theatres and allow for rapid changes of sceneries set up in sectors of the circular area.

Our scope of supply ranges from simple turntables that can be installed on top, to revolving stages and cylindrical revolving stages with low-noise central bearing and incorporated lifting platforms.


We also develop all types of special solutions depending on the customer’s requirements.

Scenery storage systems

Scenery storage systems are used for storing so-called “soft” sceneries. The sceneries are rolled up and stored in the storage compartments of the scenery storage systems.


The scenery storage systems can be lifting shelves in the understage or suspended shelves in the overstage. It is also possible to install fixed shelves with corresponding lifting equipment for loading and unloading.


We also develop all types of special solutions depending on the customer’s requirements.

Hydraulic drive

Hydraulic drives, particularly with water hydraulics were widely used drive systems in theatres.

With extremely high loads modern hydraulic drives combined with the corresponding pumping stations and accumulators are often used as directly acting drives with hydraulic cylinders or plungers. Hydraulic motors combined with gears may also be used.


Our scope of supply also includes change-over and modernization of existing hydraulic systems (e.g. change-over from water hydraulics to oil hydraulics).


The installations can also be carried out for use with hardly inflammable hydraulic media.

Push-pull chain and spiralift drive

Push-pull chains or Spiralift drives are particularly suitable for applications in which the drive can only be installed below the platform and the lifting speed amounts to up to approx. 0.2 m/sec.


Main applications are orchestra platforms or stage platforms and transport platforms that are not used during performances.



- compact

- no expensive civil engineering requirements