Waagner-Biro builds a tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates

The island, with an overall size of 45,470 m², was developed in cooperation with the Austrian artist André Heller and the design collective 3deluxe from Wiesbaden. The client of the project was the state development authority Shurooq (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority), and the overall budget was 20 million Euro.

“Al Noor Island” contains a butterfly house, an aviary, the Noor Island Café and boardwalks that stretch across the entire island. Waagner Biro Gulf LLC developed the basic construction of the glass pavilion. The Butterfly House combines technology and nature and serves as a unique habitat for butterflies. The island is illuminated at night with special lasers, trees and stones are lit up in different colours. A unique green landscape has arisen on “Al Noor Island”, in the middle of the desert metropolis, which combines modernity and tradition to become an experience.

Waagner-Biro Gulf LLC was also responsible for the design and construction of the 165 metre-long, distinctive footbridge, the connection between the Buhairah Corniche and Al Noor Island. “With this spectacular construction project, we can include yet another international project in our portfolio of innovations spanning many trades,” says Thomas Jost, CEO of Waagner-Biro.

In 2015, Sharjah was the capital of Arab tourism, which favoured the conversion of the island. Al Noor Island is aimed at promoting modern tourism in the region. The goal of the project is to attract ten million visitors by 2021.